Fumie Kuze- JAPAN
Streching muscle and joint carefully fells great. I find myself very relaxed after one hours of Yoga session. Thank you so much YOGASANJIVANI

Skanto - JAPAN
Excellent energy, well organized, good blend of personal and group practice, knowledgeable and caring instructors and fun location.

Barbara Bakanjim - Malaysia
Since I started practising yoga, my body is more flexible and I don't crave so much for food anymore. I enjoy your yoga lesson and I will practise all the exercises as often as I can. Thank you Surender.

Amit Kumar - Gurgaon (INDIA)
I have always found Yoga to be an extremely useful. Yoga with Surender has been a fun experience. Through his commitment and focus, I have not only become more flexible but also lost a few pounds as well. I think my body has become more toned and I feel very energetic. Thank You, Surender.

Angie - USA
"Being overweight, I have found YOGASANJIVANI to give me more freedom of movement. The first class I couldn't touch my toes. Now I can wrap my fingers around my toes and even lift my heals."

Maoum You - KOREA
"Yoga has made me more flexible, stronger, and have more balance. I like the flexibility of the class times and the quality teachers at YOGASANJIVANI."